Wel-come at Nepal Inclusive Trade Union Federation

Whereas, it is compulsory to protect and promote rights and interests of the workers across the country, as well as institutionally develop the organizational base; It is strongly believed that the inclusive society under democratic system can be established with the mobilization of organized laborers; And whereas, to work for the just, rights of workers, global peace, human rights and democratic system of workers; And whereas, this constitution has been made and promulgated to affiliate Trade Unions across the country establishing a national level independent Trade Union Federation with political, lingual, ethnical and gender indiscrimination
2.         To organize scattered and unorganized laborers and Trade Unions of the different sectors of the state without any discrimination on the political, lingual, cast and gender ground..
3.        To be active to heighten the economic life standard of laborers assisting to the industrial development of the nation for strengthening national economy.
4.           To develop and extend the democratic labor movement.
5.        To assist the laborer and management for developing the bilateral relationship between  them.
6.          To be active to create genuine atmosphere to use the unutilized labor force of the country  at productive sector facilitating to the general people.
 7.          To be active to legalize the Trade Unions.
8.           To represent of laborer class relating to it.
9.           To circulate information relating to labor expanding labor market.
10.       To develop cordial and brotherhood relationship between those national and international organizations who consist the same strategy and doctrine.
11.       To pressurize the government to increase and make increased employment and employment creating sectors.
12.     To organize and participate at national and international standard trainings, workshops and seminars for employment improvement.
13.     To operate necessary and appropriate programs for the interest and protection of laborers and their families.
14.     To be active for global peace, human rights and ecological conservation.
15.     To do miscellaneous social activities such as social security, elimination of child labor and gender equality.
Institutional Membership
(a) Nepal Inclusive Trade Union Confederation (NITUF), (it is said
NITUF aftermath) can issue the institutional membership applied by national Union of Trade Unions of the workers of same purpose receiving the sum of Rs. 501/- as an entrance fee. But the issue of membership should be approved by National Convention.
(b) As mentioned at section (a), all district committees of National Union should pay the annual membership fee as the basis of Rs. 20 per member at the district committee of (INTUC) at installment basis or collectively.
The structure of NITUF shall be as follows
(a) District Committee
(b) National Committee

District Committee
(a) The district convention shall elect a fourteen member committee including president-1, and 13 members. One member shall be nominated by president from among them, which contains a fifteen member committee in total.
(b) The elected president shall nominate vice-president-1, secretary-1, joint secretary-1, and treasurer-1, from amongst elected and nominated members.
(c) The district committee presidents of affiliated Unions shall have ex-officio member in the district committee of INTUC.
National Committee
(a) National Convention shall elect a twenty-one member committee including president, and 17 members by hall and nominated 3 members by president.
(b) The elected president shall select portfolios amongst elected members as follows: vice-president-1, secretary general-1, secretary-1, treasurer-1, and other posts as per necessity.
(c) The presidents of affiliated National Unions shall have ex-officio of National Committee.
The tenure of service.
The tenure of service of the members of INTUC shall have four years from the date of election.
Economic Policies
NITUF shall have own separate fund containing following amounts.
(a) The membership fees paid by affiliated Unions.
(b) The membership fees paid by Unions selected as clause-10.2(b) of the constitution.
(c) The grants and aids donated by national and international governmental and non-
         governmental organizations          .
(d) The donation collected for INTUC and vivid profits earned by itself.
(e) The sum received by different programs organized by it.
2.  All expenditures of INTUC shall be bore as accordance with the sub-clause-21.1.
3.  A bank account shall be operated at the name of INTUC and total fund shall be deposited at    the account.
4. (a) The bank account by sub clause-21.3, shall be operated by the joint signature of president   or secretary general and treasurer in national committee and president or secretary and treasurer at district committee.
(b)  The secretary general shall operate the bank account only if the national committee president is absent.

Accountancy and Auditing
1. The accountancy of INTUC shall establish as double entry system.
2. The annual audit report shall be submitted at related convention or council after getting audited by registered auditor.
3. The appointment and pay of auditor shall be as approved by related convention or council.
4. Every committee should maintain accountancy of income and expenses. The report of income and expenses ultimately should dispatch to national committee by district committees, annually.
5. The other necessary economic policies of INTUC shall be as mentioned by economic regulation.
Amendment of the Constitution
The two third majority of National Convention shall amend articles of the constitution ratifying the proposal of amendment. But the amendment shall not be placed beyond the main sprit of proposal.
Affiliated Associations
Twelve associations are affiliated as follows.


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