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Sincin comparison e Nepal is one of the least developed countries of the world, the process of socio-economic development is far behind to others. Agriculture is the major occupation in a dominating position, which alone contributes 40.2 percent of theGDP and provides employment to 81 per cent of the labour force, while industry & services engage 2.7 & 16.3 percentof the labour force in Nepal. But agriculture is based on traditional technology and the nature of the employment in it is mainlyself-employment. Actually, the labour force in wage employment in Nepal is 21 per cent, whereas self- employed labour force is79 per cent. This dominance of self- employment and informal sector was much more significant in the past. Therefore, the development of labour legislation in Nepal had been very slow. It is only after 1990, particularly after the reinstatement of multiparty democracy in Nepal that the fast growth of trade union organizations and other types of organizations could becomepossible in the new open environment. As a result, the collective voice for the rejection of the old outdated labour law Factory & Factory Workers Act 1959 was recognized and has been replaced by the new one, i.e.Labour Act 1992. Similarly, in order toease and rationalize the organizational activities, Trade Union Act 1992 has also been enacted. Consequently, Labour Regulations 1993 & Trade Union Regulations1993 have also been brought out to implement the objectives and provisions of the two Acts.Others are Bonus Act 1973 and Foreign Employment Act 1985 in this regard.
Information on organization
1.    Full official title and initials or acronym of your organization: Nepal Inclusive Trade  Union Federation (NIIUF)
2.    Full Address of your organization: Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Ward No. 33, Charkhal, Kathmandu, Nepal. 
3.   a.  Telephone Number: +977-1-
      b.  Fax No. 977-1-

Whereas, it is compulsory to protect and promote rights and interests of the workers across the country,
as well as institutionally develop the organizationalbase; It is strongly believed that the inclusive society under
democratic system can be established with the mobilization of organized laborers; And whereas, to work for the
just, rights of workers, global peace, human rights and democratic system of workers; And whereas, this
constitution has been made and promulgated to affiliate Trade Unionsacross the country establishing a
national level independent Trade Union Federation with political, lingual, ethnical and gender indiscrimination.

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