Wel-come at Nepal Inclusive Trade Union Federation


The key challenges of NITUF are on the sector of:

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Generation and security of employment
  • Social Security and Justice
  • Collective Bargaining and social dialogue
  • Amiable Industrial Relationship
  • Formulation of worker friendly labour law and its effective implementation
  • Ensuring the Rights of Trade Union as fundamental Rights
  • Abolition of child labor and forced labour and trafficking
  • Registration of Workers with Identity Cards
  • Developing strategy against harmful effects of Climate Change
  • Protection of workers from the adverse impact of globalization
  • Formation of Labor Commission
  • Rectification of ILO Convention 87, 189,102,183, 177 and implementation of the rectified 11 different ILO Conventions
  • Ensuring meaningful participation of women and youth in trade unions
  • Migration and its nexus with trafficking
  • Multiple unions
  • Rivalry among unions
  • Illiteracy among employers
  • Heterogeneous nature of labour
  • Lack of interest to join the unions and absence of paid office bearers